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Monday, 20 May 2013

Celebrating #PinItForwardUK

It feels like I've been on Pinterest forever.... 

But what I mean is that I can't or don't want to recall a time without it! I like nothing more than losing a few hours discovering new and exciting things to add to my boards. Things that I'd one day like to own and many that I know I will never. That's the joy of Pinterest for me. The thrill of tracking down new and exciting, beautiful things. The same thrill I get from a flea market or vintage fair, just knowing that the next hour is full of possibilities!

My boards are an eclectic representation of the the things I love, including, Fashion, Big Eye Art, Morrissey, Vintage Kitsch, Cats and Drawers.

Kitsch Deer Pinterest Board Home Style Pinterest Board

I plod along following random boards I love, rather than people I'm already connected with on other social networks and it works for me!


When Pinterest asked if I'd like to take part in #PinItForwardUK, I jumped at the chance. My task and my very own piece of #PinItForwardUK is to introduce a fellow campaign Pinner for you to go and check out. 

I clearly pulled the short straw because I bagged my pal Claire from

Being friends, we  have a shared love of many things and her Pinterest boards are some of my favourites. 

She loves Orange, Yellow and Chairs but the board I'm shouting about for her today is her Painted Furniture Inspiration. This feels very apt following our morning painting stools at Home Barn a couple of weeks ago!

Orange Themed Pinterest Board Yellow themed Pinterest Board

Go follow her - she has great taste! She's also running a Pinterest workshop at Cybher in two weeks time!

If you haven't yet joined the Pinterest revolution.... here's how you can!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Silent Sunday 12th May 2013

Gallarda Big Eye Art

For Silent Sunday - simply the best Sunday thing that's silent since... whenever she started it.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Annie Sloan Paint Workshop at Home Barn

A proper, tech free day off is a real rarity for me lately but last Saturday I left my Mac behind and drove down to Home Barn in Little Marlow to spend the morning having fun at an Annie Sloan paint workshop.

Home Barn interiors Little Marlow

Home Barn is quite simply my favourite vintage destination right now. I'd actually just like to move in there and potter around re-arranging stuff as the mood takes me... but on this occasion, I was there to paint.

Annie Sloan Pain Workshop at Home Barn

My company for the session included two of my all-time favourite lifestyle bloggers, Will of Bright Bazaar and Natasha of Candy Pop Images as well as two of my best pals Claire of Bad-Fiction and Lizzie of Mummy in Manolos

We listened, we talked, we painted wall hangings, we drank gin (at 11am.... on a Saturday) and we giggled away.

Cybher wall hanging

Home Barn Bloggers workshop group effort

Then things got competitive - even though we were told that it wasn't a competition. 

Give a blogger a vintage stool and a selection of paints and the pressure's on. Who was going to create a masterpiece?

Geekisnewchic Yellow stool

I went for yellow. Not sure why, as I don't have anything else that's yellow but it seemed like a good idea to me.
We painted, sanded, aged, waxed and left to dry, before styling and shooting.

Lifestyle bloggers taking photos

Home Barn Vintage Painted Stools

The result. A pretty awesome pile of stools. Yes that's mine on the top. 

Top stool...

A very big thank you to the guys at Home Barn for such a fab morning and to Lizzie for being - well for just being Lizzie.

Home Barn are showcasing their very first pop-up at Cybher™ on 1st June and Natasha of Candy Pop will sharing her expertise in the 'Living the Lifestyle Dream' session. There are a few Cybher™tickets still available - but only a few.

I've already spotted our fabulous stools popping up on Bright Bazaar and Candy Pop. I think we will be seeing a lot more of them!

Here's mine...

Geekisnewchic vintage stool

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