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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tropic Lash Extension Kit Review

I have to admit that I'm quite set in my ways when it comes to skincare and cosmetic use. I always go back to the same products that I've used for years and never feeling the need to deviate even slightly from the brands that I've grown to love.

Then I was introduced to Tropic Skincare through a friend. I liked the look of the Tropic Lash Extension Kit and thought I'd give it a try.

Made from nourishing ingredients including Jojoba and Candelilla the kit creates an instant, natural looking, false lash, effect in three quick and easy steps.

Tropic Lash Kit

You begin with a coat of the Fixing Gel, then a coat of the Extension Fibres, followed by a final coat of Fixing Gel.

I fell instantly in love with this product. It's so easy to use, giving you a salon extension look in as long as it takes to apply your regular mascara.

What do you think of the results (as modelled by Biba)?

Tropic Lash Extension Kit

I've also been testing some of the Tropic Skincare Range. I will be posting a review of those soon.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

World Photo Day : The Gallery

Whitby Abbey

Perched on a cliff top overlooking Whitby, these gothic ruins are breathtakingly eerie and wonderful in equal measures. I've always loved taking photos here.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey in August

We spent a couple of hours, snapping the amazing ruins until out batteries died before heading down to the town for seaside fish and chips. We had a wonderful day full of fresh air and a stiff sea breeze.

The girls at Whitby Abbey

On the way home we stopped off in the stunning Robin Hood Bay, just in time to join the nightly village ghost walk.

A perfect day.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cornish Rex Loving - The Gallery

It's not like I need an excuse to pimp photographs of my beautiful, beloved Cornish Rex cats but as the theme for this week's The Gallery is animals, what's a girl to do?

We are already on week 2 of the kids summer holiday and we've all but moved in to our beautiful SoulPad bell tent. We've spent more nights sleeping in the garden than we have in the house and I'm not just talking about the girls and I. We have another bell tent lover... meet camping cat.

Cornish Rex Sleeping

Cheryl LOVES camping!

She knocks on the tent door at about 11pm and in she comes.... snuggles down and is sparko till around 10am the next morning. 

I wish she could come to Camp Bestival with us because she doubles as a rather good hot water bottle!

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