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Monday, 27 April 2015

Corners of my home : Bedroom

I'm joining in with Kara's Corners of my home series today with a look at a couple of my favourite spots in my bedroom.

Our bedroom was one of the first rooms that we decorated when we bought this house eleven years ago but I'm still happy with the way it looks. 
It's a big room with doors opening onto a balcony and a beautiful deep, Victorian bath at the foot of our bed. Because of the beautiful countryside views (and the tv) it's the most used bath in our house!

Geekisnewchic Bedroom

The wallpaper is Matthew Williamson for Habitat, the big bunny and Hello Kitty money boxes were bought on holiday in Bangkok and the vintage drawers came with the house.

Vintage mirror

I LOVE this oversized, french style mirror that I found on ebay. It's huge (and a big pull for the teens in the house but my favourite item in this room has to be the pair of vintage French chairs (obscured by baby girl but you get the idea).
The wooden floor was created by +Yan To, made entirely out of pallets and it flows through into our ensuite with this fab storage system that he made. 
It's not easy to get a good picture in there because of the compact nature of the space but the storage keeps all our toiletries out of view and the room neat and tidy.

Bathroom pallet storage

If you have any lovely corners of your home that you would like to share I would love to see them.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Purrfectbox Review : The Cornie Take Over

I'm a sucker for a subscription box so when I was approached by Purrfectbox I jumped at the chance to review their monthly goodie box that's just for cats.

Meet The Testing Team...
Purrfectbox Testers
Aggy, age 2, Cornish Rex and Cheryl, age 5, Cornish Rex
Cornish Rex aren't your average run of the mill cats, in looks or in temperament. With large alien like ears, a short, curly, satin-like coat and a long, slender body, they are the supermodels of the cat world with an attitude to match. Vocal, demanding and into everything, they can open doors and drawers and melt your heart with their eyes.

Just like their regular cat cousins, cornies are easily entertained with access to an empty box. Fill the box with goodies chosen just for them and their nesting instinct kicks in before you have the opportunity to photography the contents.
Purrfectbox review
After turfing Cheryl out of the box and locking her in another room we unpacked the goodies. Our box contained the following...

Cat collar
Packet of cat caviar
Tube of liver paté
Pet laser pen
Catnip toy
Anti-hairball paste

Purrfectbox February Box

After a small sample of the liver paté and cat caviar it was #LaserCat time. What can I say? Cats and laser pens were born to compliment each other. 
The usually reserved Cheryl wasn't impressed with her inability close the catch and Aggy jumped and  flipped until she flopped to the floor in total submission making the Laser Pen a huge hit all-round.

Yummy Purrfectbox
Content that they were both completely worn out, the edible items were securely stashed behind a closed door.

Fast forward to the next morning and there was a crime scene waiting. Overtaken by the lure or the paté and caviar on the other side of the firmly closed door they'd slipped into cat burglar mode and destroyed the lot, packaging and all.

A total all round corny hit then!

A month by month subscription to Purrfectbox costs £19.90 a month. Subscribe for a year and pay just £15.90 a month.
Each box contains 5-6 healthy treats and toys, handpicked to suit your cats profile and each month has a dedicated theme.

If you're a cat lover then you really should give Purrfectbox a go - your cats will love you for it! Check out their website.

I have 5 boxes to giveaway courtesy of the lovely people at Purrfectbox and Pawsomebox. Simply enter using the Woodbox widget below.

The giveaway closes at midnight on 23/03/15. Winners will be contacted by Purrfectbox.

Disclosure : We were sent a Purrfectbox to review, all opinions are those of my cats.

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