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Friday, 30 December 2011

The Instagram 100 Club

If you're an Instagram addict then pay attention and and more importantly take part in the very first Instagram 100 Club. It kicks off tomorrow so get your thinking cap on now.
Want to know more? Then follow, follow, follow @the100club to stay up to date with their instructions and reminders. Here's the low down...


But we need all creative Instagramers that we know on board in order to kick ass and make it happen.

Come on, we can populate!!

Are you on Instagram? Leave your Instagram name in a comment so others can find your stream.

UPDATE: 4th Jan 2012
Tonight is 100 Club night. Post and like all the pics on the #1000401 hashtag tonight at 10pm GMT

Thursday, 29 December 2011

How To Save Your Instagram Photos Without Posting Them

Saving your edited photos is clearly something that Instagram doesn't want us to do because they keep making it more difficult everytime they release an update. I like using my Instagram pics in blog posts and I don't always want to post them to my Instagram stream but I have discovered a geeky fix!

All you need to do is switch your iPhone over to Airplane Mode before uploading a pic and as it can't post to Instagram your edited picture is saved to your Camera Roll. Simple!

Step by step guide.

1. Go to settings
2. Slide Airplane Mode to ON
3. Open Instagram and upload and edit your picture 
4. Post as you would normally. You aren't connected to the internet so your photo saves to your camera roll.

Awesome Wings Kick Ass On Dr Martens Boots

Wing Kicks from Little Stomper boutique fit perfectly on a pair of adult DM's. They are sold out at the moment but I have it on good authority that they will be back in stock soon.

For What I Wore Wednesday on Transatlantic Blonde.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

10 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

I love iPhoneography, I've been hooked since I joined Instagram a year ago and I'm a serial photo app user. Last week I was asked what my favourite editing app was and I went into a blind panic. Choose one? No way! Most of the time I use multiple apps to get my final picture but if you are looking for a place to start - here's my Top 10 iPhone Photo Editing Apps.

1. Simply HDR by JixiPix Softwear 69p
Really easy to use and creates simply stunning results. Your pictures get better and better with practice so just get editing.

2. Dramatic Black and White by JixPix Softwear 69p
I love black and white photography but its one thing that the iPhone camera is rubbish at. Pictures are flat and boring. Dramatic Black and White gives back light an contrast capabilities 

3. Colour Splash by Pocket Pixels Inc 69p
Give your photos a dramatic effect by converting them to black and white whilst retaining section of colour. Easy to use and perfect for the Shindlers List effect.

4. Filter Mania by Dropico free
This free app comes with dozens of downloadable filters that you can overlay to create really interesting pics.

5. iDarkroom by Maple Studio 69p
Packed with great effects including paper, frame, colour, noise and vignette. Adjust your image and share to your favourite social networks.

6. Filterstorm by Tai Shimizu £2.49
One of the more expensive apps in my list but one of the best.
Layers, sharpening, colour correction, curve manipulation and masks are just a few of the capabilities. Its like a mini Photoshop on your phone with all of the editing tools that you could ever need.

7. LEGO Photo by The LEGO Group free
Just for fun but I love LEGO so what can I say? Simply turn your best pictures into LEGO masterpieces!

8. CameraBag by Nevercenter Ltd. Co £1.49
This is one of the first iPhone photo apps that I ever downloaded but its simplicity and ease of use makes me go back time after time. It's also available in a Mac or PC version with the ability to layer multi filters.

9. Pocketbooth by Projectbox 69p
Turn your iPhone into a 1950's photobooth. Choose between front-facing or rear-facing camera mode, customise effects and print using AirPrint or share via Twitter, Facebook or email. A bit of old school fun.

10. Super Retro by £1.49
Easy and fun to use. Combine, crop, rotate, enhance. Set your own favourites so that they are on hand next time. If you like a retro Lomo feel you'll love Super Retro.

What apps can't you live without? If you have any suggestions i would love to hear them.

Apple Clothing : Geek or Chic?

I'm not sure what it says about me but I was sent links to these awesome Apple clothing (I can't quite bring myself to say fashion) shots by no less than nine people this morning. 

They've been unearthed from a 1986 Apple apparel catalogue - from the days before Apple was cool and I LOVE them. They make me feel all nostalgic. I want to throw on a jade green Ra Ra skirt with the blue sweatshirt below and sing Bananarama's Venus...

What do you think? Geek or Chic?
If you too are now feeling a little 1986 - why not ask Santa for a copy of the classic Now 1986?! £9.52 from Amazon.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What I Wore Wednesday : The Chanel Edition

What can I say?
Following last weeks heart felt plea to Santa, there really is only one thing I could write about today...

Yes... Santa read my blog and popped by Selfridges whilst he was in London at a meeting. I think Santa rocks.

For those of you that don't know, my Santa is the very lovely and uber talented designer Yan To. His collection can now be bought online from Young British Designers and in store at Harrods.
To celebrate the launch of the collection and Vogue's Online Fashion Week, Young British Designers are giving away one of his best pieces to date #TheMagicDress.

Details of how to enter can be found on Young British

Do stop by the other What I Wore Wednesday posts over on Transatlantic Blonde's linky.

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