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Monday 25 November 2013

Geek Goes Vintage Is Open

It's been a haze of a couple weeks spent working full time in my day job and most of the night getting my little Geek Goes Vintage store up and looking at least partially how I envisaged it. Though my house is littered with boxes, half painted bits of furniture and piles of stuff, I feel like I'm getting there.

The downside to selling, I have already realised, is that I'm actually pretty attached to each and every single item I have for sale and I feel a little pang every time I return to the store to see that something else has been sold! 

I'm clearly missing the point but then I buy things that I love that have reached out to me in some weird, twisted way!

Things like this Guide Dogs For The Blind Tray, that is, as Biba explained it, 'So wrong, it's right.'
I have to agree with her and after thinking about it all week, I've decided not to sell it. I think I would regret it for ever more!

Kitsch Vintage Dog Tray

If you fancy stopping by for a visit, you will find Kibworth Antiques Centre on the A6 between Kibworth and Market Harborough. In addition to my kitschy collection there's currently around 5000 sq ft of eclectic antiques and collectables with a further 2000 sq ft opening in the next couple of weeks as The Den. 
We will be organising a little press / blogger launch event, so if you would like an invite, please leave your details in a comment or you can tweet me @Geekisnewchic

Kibworth Antiques Centre are on and on Twitter @KibworthAntique

Saturday 16 November 2013

Geek Goes Vintage

Biba and I spent the day tagging and pricing a car full of goodies before setting them up in the store. We are far from being totally on top of things but tomorrow will be the first official day of trading for Geek Goes Vintage!

Kitsch Corner

Geek Goes Vintage

Geek Goes Vintage Blythe doll

Geek Goes Vintage at Kibworth Antiques Centre, on the A6 between Market Harborough and Kibworth, Leicestershire.

Sunday 10 November 2013

I'm Opening A Vintage Store

I've long hankered after owning a little vintage shop come social media office, and half of that dream is about to be realised because I've been offered a space in my local retro heaven, Kibworth Antiques Centre

I'm so excited about it that I could actually burst. Something for me that my girls love too and that my mum would be so proud of.

I'm busy pulling together my little room set and all of my goodies to sell and fingers crossed I will be in and trading by this time next week!

If you haven't discovered Kibworth Antiques Centre yet, you are missing out on 5000 sq ft of vintage awesomeness.

Kibworth Antiques Centre Geekisnewchic

This is what my little spot looks like now...

My vintage space

I'll be back with an update when I've moved my stuff in.


Kibworth Antiques Centre can be found on the A6 between Kibworth and Market Harborough and you can find them on Facebook. Stay tuned for updates.

Silent Sunday : 10th November 2013

Kibworth Antiques Centre

For Silent Sunday

Friday 1 November 2013

You Can Pin & Mount Me Like A Butterfly


It's often the small, unexpected, moments that stick with you as you travel through your life. Thoughtful gestures, kind words, shared experiences. The glue that binds all of your valuable relationships to make you who you are.

Thoughtful, honest and appreciated in every way.

You can pin and noun me like a butterfly

"You can pin and mount me like a butterfly" 
From my favourite Smiths track, Reel Around The Fountain. 
Handmade just for me, by a true friend
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