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Saturday 28 September 2013

Kitsch Cats

I've had a bit of a move around today that resulted in a new Kitsch Cat display in the downstairs bathroom.

kitsch cats

Sunday 22 September 2013

Letting Go...

I've been thinking a lot about new beginnings this week. Letting go and moving on are easier said than done, when push comes to shove. But then I saw this...

Letting go

Just what I needed!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Inspirational Photography Workshop with Jay Mountford


I love learning. Really love it. I read and dig, always wanting to know more, always wanting to master something or uncover that amazing tip that I always needed to know. It's been the driving force behind Cybher, it's exciting learning new things but I miss out on the thrill of getting stuck into the workshops as I'm running around like a crazed event organiser.
I made a pact with myself to make 2014 different and last week my resolution got an early kick off in the form of a day long photography workshop hosted by the awesome, inspirational, Jay Mountford.


For added pleasure the workshop was based at Home Barn, Little Marlow's eclectic, vintage haven. I LOVE Home Barn and despite them being a couple of hours away from me, I do have a client situated less then five minutes away from them so I do get to have a regular barn fix!

Camera bag stuffed with every single bit of kit that I own, I was ready to learn, to master and to be awesome.

My Camera & I

Now, I've been an avid snapper since I can remember and I've had the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, magic triangle thing explained to me on far too many occasions but it never stuck. My manual pics were more luck than judgement but as Jay explained, I picked up my camera and my, oh, my... look what happened.

The penny dropped!

JMP Workshop at Homebarn

This was the very first photograph that I took following my total 'Eureka, I know what I'm doing' moment. Boy was I happy?!

Following my realisation of the magic triangle thing, another moment of total clarity awaited me, in the form of a 50mm f/1.4 lens from Lens Fettish. It was an OMG moment of the highest order. Why didn't I know about this stuff before? Did you know that the standard kit lenses that come with your DSLR are pants? I didn't but I'm telling you now that you need to ditch them and get your hands on something decent. It's life changing.

My Photographs
The next couple of hours were spent in dark corners of the barn subjected to 'difficult lighting situations'  and tricky objects.  I'm over the moon with my photographs. Seriously over the moon and back again. 

Still life JMP Workshop

Homebarn props at JMP workshop

JMP Workshop at Home Barn
I also learnt that Tara Cain has quite fabulous hair!

Cybher Claire
My parter in crime, Claire having a moment with her lens

Jay Mountford Ninjographer

The whole day was amazing and enlightening and my Top 10 Learnings for the day are...
  1. I should have done a workshop like this a long time ago
  2. Jay Mountford is a brilliant teacher and photographer (though to be fair I did know this already, I'm saying it here because sometimes you just need to be told that stuff)
  3. I should have just bought that 50mm f/1.4 lens when I fell in love with it and then I wouldn't have had to wait two days post workshop for it to arrive.. sigh
  4. Kit lenses on your camera are crap
  5. I don't get out of the office and away from my mac nearly enough
  6. I don't spend a day offline nearly enough
  7. I can take good photographs
  8. Lens Fettish may well be my new fave site
  9. My friends are a unique and interesting bunch
  10. Lizzie's husband Ed doesn't like The Smiths (not really sure what I can say about that)
  11. Just outside of the top 10 but also important. Lenses are more important than new tables
I seriously cannot recommend Jay's workshop enough. I came away inspired and totally buzzing. She's given me back the hunger and excitement that my evil iPhone took away. Yes it's handy but it makes you really lazy, so no more iPhone camera for me and that's a promise. That can only be positive right?

Keep an eye on Jay's site for forthcoming workshop information and in addition she will be running a session (or two) at Cybher 14.

Who has some good camera bag suggestions? Looks like I'll be needing a new one.

Thanks to Jay, Lizzie and the guys at Home Barn for an amazing day. x

I'll leave you with evidence of my Eureka moment, as captured by Home Barn!

Sian gets the magic triangle thing
I gets The Magic Triangle thing!

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