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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Half The Sky : The Gallery Books

When I saw the theme for this week's Gallery there was only ever going to be one book that I could feature. Half the Sky, the book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn that quite simply changed my life.

I had to cheat a bit with my image because it doesn't matter how many copies of this amazing book I buy, I always pass it on to someone else. I'm not kidding when I say I've bought at least 15 copies.

Half the sky

Huge congratulations to Nicholas and Sheryl for topping the New York Times Bestseller List this week. 

If you read just one more book in your life, make it this one. Get educated about the issues of our gender around the world and DO SOMETHING to make a change.

Half the Sky is available on Amazon, in print and download.

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Women of the Year 2012 : Sian To

Back on a Saturday morning in July a rather official letter landed on my doormat. It was in a posh, handwritten envelope. The very kind of letter that I never get.
It stood out so much that I actually opened it. I never open my mail at the weekend.

Inside was an invitation to attend the Women of the Year lunch as one of the chosen Women of the Year for 2012.
In all honesty, I though it was someone playing a trick on me but over the following weeks, emails and correspondence took place and I realised that I wasn't in the midst of an elaborate hoax but still completely baffled by my invitation.

Today, I attended the Women of the Year awards lunch and really I'm left speechless. To be in the presence of such amazing, courageous, inspirational women, who have achieved things I can only dream of is a special place to be indeed.  

I don't know how I found myself there, who nominated me, or who voted for me but I know that I do need to thank every single person who has ever believed in me or shouted my corner. 
I know that I'm stubborn and opinionated but I also believe in fighting for what is right, especially for those who can't make as much noise as me.
Women of the Year 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chanel No5 Part 2 : Wherever I go

I am loving Chanel's new video content. I featured Part 1 a couple of weeks ago and here's Part 2 starring Brad Pitt. What's not to love?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Drew Barrymore snaps for Hilfiger's

Iconic Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore steps behind the lens to capture some stunning images of the French singer Charlotte Gainsbourg as she models Tommy Hilfiger's new tote.
For the sixth year running, preppy, American, Tommy Hilfiger has partnered with Breast Health International (BHI) to raise awareness and funds for women fighting breast cancer.

Oversized and awesome the mottled, navy leather is complimented with bright red straps and gold metalwork and with £80 from the sale of each tote going to BHI it's the perfect day bag that gives more than just a little back.

Gainsbourg models for Hilfiger
"Everyone needs help at some point. And someone gave it to her. Gave her a gift - when she really needed it."
Hilfiger's choice of model is perfect as Gainsbourg is the daughter of Jane Birkin - the inspiration behind the bag that every fashionista lusts after, the Hermès Birkin.

The limited edition Tommy Hilfiger bag is available now... but be quick, it sold out in the US in just 24 hours!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Vintage Kitsch at FabUK

I think it's been at least a week since I shared my love for Fab and today I spotted some really cool things in their sales (birthday in a few weeks...).

I love these vintage notebooks by Madame Chalet and at £10 for 3 I think they are not to miss.

Vintage notebook set

Or these cool cards... 

Made from sustainably sourced card with a 100% recycled envelope featuring retro figurines. I have a large collection of those cats in my bathroom and a couple of the dogs too and I simply don't have enough of those deer ornaments! At £8 for a set of 4, you can't go wrong.

I have a couple of vintage typewriters knocking around too but they aren't in the same league as these funky little numbers.

Prices vary, you can shop the typewriter sale here.

I could go on but I really ought to do some work. *sigh*

What do you mean you aren't a member? You can join the awesomeness that is FabUK here.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The evolution of the music player

It seems that just about every device you can buy has a music player embedded into it these days. But it wasn’t so long ago that we were taping Top of the Pops from the TV onto cassettes, shushing our parents if they dared to chat during The Smiths. As a John Lewis guest blogger I'm taking a look at the history of the music player from the 1920s right up to the present day to see just much things have changed.

Forget DAB radios in a range of cute colours to match your home decor. Back in the 1930s, if you wanted to listen to the radio you needed a set made of wood or Bakelite and a hell of a lot of floor space. It also came in any colour you liked – as long as it was brown.  Families huddled round their wireless sets to listen to sports, news reports and music, with modern jazz being the pop music of the day. The situation improved with the invention of the transistor radio in the 1950s and suddenly you could listen to the radio on the go and your faithful tranny was available in far more funky colours, too.

Roberts Radio
The classic Roberts radio
Record players
Something magical was also happening to the record player in the 1950s. Before then playing phonograph records had been seen as a rather poor alternative to listening to the radio. Records were large, heavy, easy to damage – and very expensive. But that changed in the fabulous Fifties when technological advances meant that records not only sounded better, they were cheaper, putting them within the reach of the era’s rock ‘n roll-loving teenagers. 

Cassette players
As exciting as records were, they were soon surpassed when the cassette became king in the 1970s and 1980s. What made audio tapes so attractive was the ability to record your own music onto them. The Top 40, Top of the Pops and compilation mixes for your pals and lovers to remember you by! Then of course there was the Walkman that cemented the tape forever in the mind of 70's kids like me. (I still have my original Sony Walkman).

CD players
Looking so awesome and shiny, it felt like they'd arrived from the future. CDs were the next advancement that music players saw and as much as we loved them our trusty old cassettes were left to gather dust. Billed as the last word in convenience and sound quality, the CD did indeed dominate record sales for more than two decades, until the digital music revolution made their sales plummet. 

Kit Sound Panda Portable Speaker
I have one of these Kit Portable Panda Speakers... never travel without him
iPods and wireless music players 
Downloads now allow music fans to buy music in digital form direct to their iPod and things have gone even further. Thanks to the likes of Spotify (the most popular online streaming service, according to Ofcom) and subscription music services, you don’t even have to own the digital file to listen to your favourite tracks streamed through your wireless music player

Bang Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPod Dock, White
LUST....Bang Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPod Dock
I was a late adopter to CD (I was a poor single parent back then), my first purchase was Lisa Stansfield's Real Love album in 1991 and my tapes have hung around probably a bit longer than most as I still have a cassette player in my Mini! But I was right there with the digital downloads with an original iPod (now long dead). 
Yes the sound's way better but I'm totally nostalgic for the furry sound of tapes. What about you?

This is a sponsored post for John Lewis for which I received payment that I'm going to blow on some new Air Play speakers for my birthday!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Chanel : For The First Time

LOVE this amazing new short film from Chanel. It's simply the best brand ad that I have EVER seen.  If I didn't already own a bottle I'd be straight out to get one. Sit back and enjoy Chanel No5 For the first time.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

What I Wore Wednesday : Aggy Dr Martens and Mint Velvet

I was meant to be at an awards thing last week but with Yan To being away at Paris Fashion Week it simply didn't happen for me. I had an un-glamourous evening at the swimming pool with my bambino's followed by a rather funny G+ Hangout with my pal Nickie instead.

I'd like to thank John Lewis for sending me some clothes for being a finalist in the Most Helpful Blogger category and as I opted for the more casual look rather than a dress that would probably have only been worn once I will be featuring the stuff they sent me over the next few weeks.

So, this was my outfit when I whizzed off to London for a meeting a couple of days ago. I didn't take a pic so I had a play on Photoshop instead!

Dress is actually a jumper but I figure I may as well make the most of my legs whilst I still can. From Mint Velvet at John Lewis,  Cybher™ pink tights from Kaniki and my beautiful new Dr Martens Aggy 1490 boots.

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