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Monday 22 October 2012

Women of the Year 2012 : Sian To

Back on a Saturday morning in July a rather official letter landed on my doormat. It was in a posh, handwritten envelope. The very kind of letter that I never get.
It stood out so much that I actually opened it. I never open my mail at the weekend.

Inside was an invitation to attend the Women of the Year lunch as one of the chosen Women of the Year for 2012.
In all honesty, I though it was someone playing a trick on me but over the following weeks, emails and correspondence took place and I realised that I wasn't in the midst of an elaborate hoax but still completely baffled by my invitation.

Today, I attended the Women of the Year awards lunch and really I'm left speechless. To be in the presence of such amazing, courageous, inspirational women, who have achieved things I can only dream of is a special place to be indeed.  

I don't know how I found myself there, who nominated me, or who voted for me but I know that I do need to thank every single person who has ever believed in me or shouted my corner. 
I know that I'm stubborn and opinionated but I also believe in fighting for what is right, especially for those who can't make as much noise as me.
Women of the Year 2012

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