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Saturday 15 February 2014

True Blue - Leather Satchel I Love You

It's been a while...

Too long, way too long, since I had a new satchel in my life to love and admire but today that changed. Say hello to my new addition...

True Blue Leather Satchel I love you

The colour is stunning. A real head turner but in a subtle, awesome way.

As a satchel addict, I have many different colours from many different brands in my collection but hands down, without a doubt, The Leather Satchel Company make the best satchels ever.

Be still my satchel loving heart.

My bag is the 14" Oxford Blue.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Design Your Own Dr Martens Boots

It's no secret that I'm a huge Dr Martens fan and I know that lots of you are Dr Martens fans too. 

In the most recent addition to their #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign, you now have the chance to have your very own design made into a real life pair of Dr Martens boots.

This is my design, enter the competition via their Facebook app.

Design Your Own Dr Martens Boots

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Pantone Your Cat

Every now and then, you chance on something so epic that you just have to share. This, I believe, is one of those times.

I've been looking at lots of paint colours over the last couple of weeks as I attempt to choose the right shade of grey for our current decorating project. In the app store, I chanced upon the official Pantone app, paid my money and downloaded to my phone.

Then I discovered that you could create colour palettes from your images. BOOM, Pantone your cat!

Pantone your cat

Aggy is a perfect palette of subtle greys with a highlight of plum. Decorating problem sorted, courtesy of my kitty muse and the official Pantone app.
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