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Wife, mother, blogger, geek, Cybher and CyberMummy founder , pr and social media addict. I used to be @mummytips

My blogging life began with the award winning Mummy-Tips blog a tale of modern life at a hundred miles an hour, four children, a husband on the cusp of realising his dream as a fashion designer and a full time business....

After three years as MummyTips I felt trapped in my 'mummy' persona and felt that it was time for a brand new me, enter @Geekisnewchic.

The launch of ties in with the launch of my new blogger conference Cybher. After two years behind CyberMummy, it was time to branch out and bring a successful blogging event to a wider audience. Too many bloggers feel tied down by the 'mummy blogger' tag and Cybher will be an event for women bloggers from all walks of life.

Cybher 2012 will take place on Saturday 12th May at the simply stunning 8 Northumberland Avenue close to Trafalgar Square, London.
Pop over to the site - take a look and if Cybher interests you please do sign up for news alerts  and conference updates will be delivered to your inbox.

Back in the real world and in my spare time I'm attempting to assist my husband Yan To (help I'm not a fashion pr) as he establishes himself as a design talent to watch in this fast paced industry. His collection is stocked in Harrods, check out his site.
If you are a brand looking to work with bloggers but don't know where to begin. Please get in touch. I have an extensive database of bloggers and the knowledge to match you with the right ones for your campaign.

For more information on the old (Mummy-Tips) me, CyberMummy and the amazing Blogladesh campaign I was part of for Save the Children, please go here.

My children blog too... and
I'm addicted to Instagram - there I said it.

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