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Wife, mother, blogger, geek, Cybher and CyberMummy founder , pr and social media addict. I used to be @mummytips

My blogging life began with the award winning Mummy-Tips blog a tale of modern life at a hundred miles an hour, four children, a husband on the cusp of realising his dream as a fashion designer and a full time business....

After three years as MummyTips I felt trapped in my 'mummy' persona and felt that it was time for a brand new me, enter @Geekisnewchic.

The launch of ties in with the launch of my new blogger conference Cybher. After two years behind CyberMummy, it was time to branch out and bring a successful blogging event to a wider audience. Too many bloggers feel tied down by the 'mummy blogger' tag and Cybher will be an event for women bloggers from all walks of life.

If you are a brand looking to work with bloggers  or influencers but don't know where to begin. Please get in touch. I have an extensive black book and the knowledge to match you with the right people for your campaign.

For more information on the old (Mummy-Tips) me, CyberMummy and the amazing Blogladesh campaign I was part of for Save the Children, please go here.

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