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Sunday 21 April 2013

Vintage kitch galore : Car Boot season is here!

I'm so happy that it's car boot season. Last year was a bit of a wash out but this morning the sun was shining as we set off to our local treasure trove.

By the second isle I'd made all of my purchases. Here's a few of them...

Vintage Vanity cases

I LOVE the set of vintage vanity cases. They were a £3 bargain. Never used, the insides are immaculate!
Manky little lamb £3. I struggle to leave such dog-eared finds behind because all toys have a soul right? And I can't bear to think of a little lamb such as this not being loved... 
Kitsch cat, £1. He matches the one that @SuperAmazingMum bought me - so I now have the pair and this makes me very happy indeed.

Vintage toy lamb

Vintage kitsch cat

On the same stall as the little lamb was this awesome Chad Valley Sooty Puppet, £2. He quite possibly passed through my mums hands as she was quality controller in their Shropshire factory for many years. He's quite rare so was a fab find for that price!
Set of pictures £1.

Vintage Chad Valley Sooty puppet

Then I dropped my iPhone out of the car. It landed face down on the drive with a smash. Gutted.

Thursday 18 April 2013

Awesome Illustrations from Tolly Dolly Posh

I love supporting young bloggers, my daughter Biba has herself been blogging away for three years and she's still only 11.

One of my favourite young blogs to visit is TollyDollyPosh. An eclectic mix of fashion and beauty from the stylish 12 year old Tolly. I love her confident writing and opinions and the fact that she has a dream that she is reaching for. 

In her 'spare' time, Tolly illustrates and she's just created these amazing pics for my blog. She does take new commissions. You can get in touch via her blog at

What do you think? Amazing aren't they? 

Thanks Tolly x You rock xx

BibasPhotos by TollyDollyPosh

Geekisnewchic by Tollydollyposh

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