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Monday, 24 October 2011

I'm a Dr. Martens girl and Proud!

Its no secret that I'm a Dr. Martens girl.
My first pair (aged 12) arrived with a history of their own, Scout boots passed down through family friends and arriving in a plastic bag, covered in mud.
As I brought those boots back to life a love affair blossomed into the one relationship that would stay constant for the next 28 years.
My old scout boots were followed by a pair of waxed brown shoes. I saved for months and months before traveling to London (by coach) to buy them from a little shop near Camden Market.
They became my trademark teenage style, teamed with vintage dresses and chunky ankle socks. those shoes really could tell the story of my life!

Now that I have daughters its all about the fluro DM's. Pink, Green and Biba would really like yellow but only if she can get a leather satchel to match.

If you are a true Dr. Martens fan, make sure you check out the bespoke pop up store at Dover Street Market (until the end of the month), where you can create your own custom boots in a range of leathers.

I'll leave you with the History of Dr. Martens, enjoy!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Help - Review

This time last week I was snuggled up with a group of girlie buddies for a private screening of the eagerly anticipated film adaptation of the best selling book The Help
The last time I set foot in a cinema with a group of girls was to see Back to the Future. It was so long ago that everyone still thought that Michael J Fox was hot. He wasn't and we were really only there to check out boys but that's another story.

I'm a reader by nature and I'm never satisfied by a big screen portrayal of a book that I've read but as I hadn't started reading The Help I was a blank canvas and ready for the journey.
Set in Mississippi in the 1960's, The Help is essentially a tale of female friendship and the ability to come together to create change. Only things were pretty messed up in 1960's Mississippi. White children raised by black maids only to turn into their parents and continue and expand on their racist ways.

Skeeter (Emma Stone), saw things differently and on returning home from college, determined to be a writer, set about interviewing the black maids so that their stories could be told.
After a bit of cajoling the maids have a lot to say and despite the dark undertones of the main civil rights story, The Help manages to be a feel good movie.
If you liked Fried Green Tomatoes and Driving Miss Daisy you'll love this movie. If you like tales of hope, of good over evil you'll love this movie.

What I took away from it is that friendships really can conquer all and a reminder that revenge is always a dish best served cold.

The Help opens in the UK on October 26th. Go see it.

Disclosure : 
Back to the Future was released in 1985. If you have 13 year old children DO NOT consider it OK to let them go to the movies with a group of their friends. Don't ask why - take my word...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Get the new Facebook profile in 10 mins!

You must have been hiding under a bush for the last week if you haven't heard about the new major Facebook update. Most of the  talk is pretty negative but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the new look and usability. Finally your Facebook profile looks like a real page rather than an outfit that was thrown together in the dark. 

The update will be rolling out from next weekend but if you're keen to get ahead of the game, here's how.

Difficulty rating : Easy
Time : 10 minutes

Step 1
Log into your Facebook account.

Step 2
Go to the Facebook Apps Developer page.

Hit allow to confirm permission.

Step 3
After confirming permission you land on the Apps page (below).

Top right corner - click 'Create new App'.

Step 4
Name your new app.

It doesn't matter what name or namespace you give to your app but the namespace does need to be at least 7 letters.
Hit continue.
Pass the security check by filling in the Captcha.

If you haven't already confirmed your Facebook account you will be asked to do so now. If your account is already verified tick 'I agree to the Platform Privacy Policy' and move on to Step 5.
You can confirm with your mobile number or with a credit card.
If using your mobile, put in your number and wait for the confirmation code to arrive by text.

Put in the code and confirm.

Step 5
Once verified you get this screen.

Click 'Open Graph'.

Step 6
You have landed on 'Open Graph: Getting Started'.

You need to define an action here but it can be anything. Here's an example you can use. 
In 'People Can' box write 'Read' and in the second box write 'book'.
Hit 'Get started'.

Step 7
Page 'Open Graph; Action Type: Read'

No info to add to this page. Scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save changes and next'.

Step 8
Page 'Open Graph; Object Type; Book'

No info to add to this page. Scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save changes and next'.

Step 9
Page 'Open Graph; Aggregation

Scroll down and hit 'Save'.

Step 10
Takes you to the following page.

Wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect. 

Step 11
Go to your Facebook Profile Page. 'Introducing; Your New Profile'

Hit 'Get it Now'.

Choose 'Take tour' to see your new profile in action or hit 'Publish Now'.

And here's how mine looks...

Have a go and if you get stuck give me a shout.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

BlytheCon 2012

I collect. There I've said it. When I think back I realise I've always been a collector. It started with novelty soaps when I was about 9 and kind of grew from there.
The soaps are long gone but the collections are still growing. Ladybird books, 60's Big Eye art, kitsch toys, hearts and Blythe dolls. I'm obsessive about them all but Blythe is the centre piece.
Though a 70's throw back, the original Blythe was way ahead of her time. Her big head and colour changing eyes just didn't catch on and Kenner retired her from production at the end of 1972 after less than a year on the market.

Twenty eight years later, thanks to American photographer and doll collector, Gina Garan Blythe was to be reborn and the rest as they say, is history.

Since 2001 Blythe has been produced by CWC and manufactured by Takara who are currently releasing around 12 new dolls every year.

Her quirky looks are now celebrated around the world and she's become way more than a children's doll. She's sassy, stunning, beautiful and a photographers dream. She's clocked up pages of editorial in Vogue and had tiny replica outfits created for her by some of the worlds leading designers including John Galliano, Prada, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miyake, Versace, Sonia Rykiel and Alexander McQueen.

On Saturday the UK Blythe massive came together for the second annual BlytheCon event.  Hundreds of Blythe lovers and their girls together in one place is a sight to behold. Its a doll lovers dream with mini everything to tempt your money from your pocket.
Next year Blythe turns 40 and she'll be celebrating with a massive knees up in October. Keep your eyes on the BlytheCon site for ticket information - but don't leave it too late, the last two events sold out. Fast.

These girls are all from my collection.

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