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Monday 3 October 2011

Get the new Facebook profile in 10 mins!

You must have been hiding under a bush for the last week if you haven't heard about the new major Facebook update. Most of the  talk is pretty negative but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the new look and usability. Finally your Facebook profile looks like a real page rather than an outfit that was thrown together in the dark. 

The update will be rolling out from next weekend but if you're keen to get ahead of the game, here's how.

Difficulty rating : Easy
Time : 10 minutes

Step 1
Log into your Facebook account.

Step 2
Go to the Facebook Apps Developer page.

Hit allow to confirm permission.

Step 3
After confirming permission you land on the Apps page (below).

Top right corner - click 'Create new App'.

Step 4
Name your new app.

It doesn't matter what name or namespace you give to your app but the namespace does need to be at least 7 letters.
Hit continue.
Pass the security check by filling in the Captcha.

If you haven't already confirmed your Facebook account you will be asked to do so now. If your account is already verified tick 'I agree to the Platform Privacy Policy' and move on to Step 5.
You can confirm with your mobile number or with a credit card.
If using your mobile, put in your number and wait for the confirmation code to arrive by text.

Put in the code and confirm.

Step 5
Once verified you get this screen.

Click 'Open Graph'.

Step 6
You have landed on 'Open Graph: Getting Started'.

You need to define an action here but it can be anything. Here's an example you can use. 
In 'People Can' box write 'Read' and in the second box write 'book'.
Hit 'Get started'.

Step 7
Page 'Open Graph; Action Type: Read'

No info to add to this page. Scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save changes and next'.

Step 8
Page 'Open Graph; Object Type; Book'

No info to add to this page. Scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save changes and next'.

Step 9
Page 'Open Graph; Aggregation

Scroll down and hit 'Save'.

Step 10
Takes you to the following page.

Wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect. 

Step 11
Go to your Facebook Profile Page. 'Introducing; Your New Profile'

Hit 'Get it Now'.

Choose 'Take tour' to see your new profile in action or hit 'Publish Now'.

And here's how mine looks...

Have a go and if you get stuck give me a shout.
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