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Friday 24 February 2017

Best True Crime Podcasts

2017 is apparently the year of the podcast but if you, like me have been listening for years you might be left wondering why it's taken so long for the rest of humanity to catch up?
There are shows out there about every subject you can think of (and then some) but today I'm sharing my Best True Crime Podcasts - in no particular order.

Last Podcast On The Left 
This is where the true crime genre started for me after stumbling upon a couple of episodes about my all time favourite serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. They have episodes on all of the heavy hitters along with demons, aliens and a spattering of cults all twisted up to make something that you really shouldn't be laughing at. Entertaining, very funny and highly addictive despite the dark subject matter.

Last podcast on the left

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Widely regarded as the leading true crime podcast. Serial season 1 has been downloaded over 68 million times. The twelve episode season investigates the murder of Hae Min Lee, an eighteen-year-old student from Baltimore and the ensuing trial debacle of her accused murderer Adnan Syed. It's an addictive, must download, sorry tale for everyone involved.

Serial Podcast

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Currently at the top of my favourite podcast list. Real Crime Profile takes a completely different route and honours the victims of cases where the accused's stories have taken the voice. 
Hosted by Laura Richards (formerly of New Scotland Yard and Founder of Paladin, National Stalking Advocacy Service), Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler) and Lisa Zambetti (Criminal Minds Casting Director) they take an in-depth look at all aspects of the cases they cover including profiling, investigation and trial. I have to say that their series of episodes on the Meredith Kercher murder totally changed my view on the guilt of Amanda Knox. Don't take for granted what is printed in the mainstream media people!

Real Crime Profile Podcast

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Hailed as Australia's first True Crime Podcast, Casefile really doesn't disappoint. Famous Aussie cases such as Katherine Knight, Snowtown and the Family Murders are interjected with cases from around the world. Whilst I love my 'heavy hitters' and famous local crimes, it's great to discover new cases and especially in a soothing Australian drawl.
Start from episode 1 and binge listen to them all!

Casefile Podcast

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Sword & Scale
Dark and often unsettling, Sword & Scale covers some of the most disturbing, ugly, crimes imaginable. Well researched and highly addictive, you may find yourself binge listening yourself into shadowy corner but boy is it worth it. One of my favourite episodes is the shocking tale of Claudinnea 'Dee Dee' Blancharde and her disabled daughter Gyspy. If you enjoy that episode keep a look out for the HBO documentary on the case coming soon.

Sword & Scale Podcast

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Court Junkie
Court Junkie host Jillian LP covers a range of interesting cases by sinking herself deep into  investigations and the resulting trials. Well researched and well produced. Throw yourself in at episode one rather then dibbing in and out so you can catch updates on cases already covered.

Court Junkie Podcast

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New Podcasts to look out for..
Wine & Crime Podcast - This recently popped onto my radar but with a name combining two of my favourite things I have big hopes for this brand new show. 
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S-Town - New from the makers of Serial and This American Life. It promises to be another addictive plot with many twists and turns.

I've also just discovered Up and Vanished. I've just about finished binge listening the first season and it's a must one to add to your regular listening. Focussing on the unsolved missing person case of Tara Grinstead, it's packed with twists and turns that will have you hooked be the end of the first episode. Fantastically narrated and beautifully produced. This case and pod are must follows.
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Do you have any other true crime podcast recommendations? Please leave them in the comments.

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