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Sunday 4 March 2012

For the Love of Pinterest

I love Pinterest. There I've said it.
I sat back and watched whilst it kicked off on Twitter over the terms and conditions and waited for the vocal, late adopters to move on (which they quickly did), so that I could settle back into my favourite down time pass time.
I'm not sure exactly what it is that draws me in. Though I have always been a serial 'inspiration collector' with boxes and boxes of images and ideas torn from magazines over the years.
I'd always put this down to my PR background but now I'm not so sure. I think I just like looking at beautiful things.

As time passes my boards are evolving and merging as I discover a new passion or simply re discover an old one.

This weekend it's Morrissey. Searching out and pinning new photos takes me right back to being 12 years old when every single inch of my bedroom walls were covered in his image. 
I like it.

For me, Pinterest real is a true reflection of your being. The things that interest you and the things that you are really passionate about.

My Style

My obsession with drawers

Big Eye Art

Are you on Pinterest? Please feel free to leave a link to your account in the comments so that  others can find you. You never know, you might have more in common that you think.
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