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Wednesday 27 June 2012

WIWW : The Cybher Girls Edition

This post may well be a bit of a cheat as I'm sure both Claire and Ryan will have used it too but hey it's a great pic and we all love it!

We live about as far away from each other that the UK allows and don't get to spend a lot of time together in the flesh but last weekend we had a really special treat in the form of three days together in London.

We were there to attend a conference but also to hang out and have fun. If the photo is anything to go by it looks like we managed it pretty well! 

I'm wearing a fluro pink jumper from H&M and a big smile!
I'm also wearing a a rather special skirt that my beloved, Yan To made for me but that will get its own dedicated post really soon.
Tucked inside my jumper you may catch my favourite Cybher pink Freya bra, which brings me neatly on to their awesome new Blog Star competition!

Freya are searching for fabulous, new blogging talent to contribute to their Fitting Talk blog. You need to be creative, stylish, sassy, fashionable and love, love lingerie. So if that sounds like you pop over to their site to find out how to enter. You never know you could be the lucky blogger that bags all of the cool prizes!

For What I Wore Wednesday over on Transatlantic Blonde

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