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Saturday 22 September 2012

Would You Hit & Run?

Today began perfectly with some much needed, quality one to one time in town with Biba but within 10 minutes of arriving home our day was in tatters.
We put away our shopping and Biba went out on her bike but 2 minutes later she came racing up the drive shouting that Rex had been run over.

We both ran up the hill to where he was laying in a pool of blood. It must have just happened but there were no cars to be seen. 
He was alive, but only just and bleeding from his ears. I knew he wasn't going to make it. I scooped him up and held him close. He died in my arms.

How can someone simply keep on driving? What's wrong with people? We live on a straight road, a country lane so there are no parked cars or other potential places for a cat to jump onto the road out of nowhere. 
I know that the culprit hanging around wouldn't have saved him but what kind of person does something like that and just carries on driving? I'm gutted, the kids are gutted. Rex was such a cool kitty, he was more like a dog and would follow you wherever you went. He even attempted to get on the school bus with Sonny this week.

It's a sombre in the To house tonight.

Cat in hit and run

We buried him in the garden under the plum tree that he loved to climb. I say we but Sonny insisted that he did it himself.

We will miss you Rexie. xxx

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