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Tuesday 10 December 2013

TK Maxx Christmas

My free time is almost non existent at the moment, so when I'm Christmas shopping on the high street I want to get as many gifts as possible in the bag in one shop. 

I've been slack (again) this year but being asked to take part in the TK Maxx #TheMoment campaign was the push I needed to get out and get shopping. 

My challenge? To purchase awesome Christmas gifts for five members of my family from the extensive range available at my local TK Maxx store. 

This was going to be a piece of cake for an experienced TK Maxx shopper (and her assistant) on a mission to complete the festive gift buying in one fair swoop!

Christmas Shopping Challenge On!

TK Maxx #TheMoment Geekisnewchic
TK Maxx Christmas

What did I buy??

1. Cute bobble hat for Betty (as modelled by Biba!)
2. Cute bobble hat for Biba (as modelled by Biba!)
3. Stackable multitool kit for Ethan, though I really want that for myself!
4. Power Port for Yan, though I really want that for myself, sigh.
5. Hat and scarf set for Kelli, though that grey and orange combo is calling out to me... 
6. Socks for Sonny
7. Slinky for the cats, they love a bit of slinky stairs action!
8. Matching Christmas jumpers for Purdy (the Westie) and Cheryl and Aggy (the beautiful Cornish Rex kitties)
9. Headphones for Betty
10. Cocktail shaker for Ethan (in the hope that he visits and makes Gin Fizz for me)

See it really is that easy to shop for your whole family at TK Maxx. My challenge was to buy gifts for five and I came home with bags bursting with the ultimate #TheMoment gifts for my family of nine. Happy days.

*I did come home with 2 additional carrier bags full of goodies BUT I've shipped them off for Santa to wrap.

DISCLOSURE : This is a sponsored post, however all of the items featured were purchased by me in order to write this post.
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