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Wednesday 9 July 2014

SoulPad And The Great Outdoors

I'm not really much of an outdoors type. In fact I can be generally be found chained to one Mac or another and fully immersed in the land of social media that I inhabit for increasingly lengthy periods of my life. I realise that makes me sound like a total loser, but it is my job and it takes over...

The kids break up from school at the end of this week and I'm determined to get out and about with them much more this summer. I'm not quite sure where this year has gone. It sped past without me even blinking.

We have Camp Bestival to look forward to at the end of this month and in preparation for our big adventure we have a new addition to the family, in the form of the most beautiful tent in the world ever.

SoulPal 5000 ease Bell Tent

We collected her on Friday evening and immediately pitched her in the garden. She is huge, beautiful, epic even. The girls and I styled the interior and moved in.

Last night it rained cats and dogs and we lay there listening to the raindrops bouncing off the canvas, not a computer or electronic device in sight. It was blissful.

By day, I've been squirrelling away to get through my workload, so that I can switch off and take some time out, and I'm loving it. Loving being out in the fresh air, loving being with my girls, loving giggling away, loving snuggling up with Cheryl and Purdy, who have also decided to channel their inner camping spirit. 

A perfect start, to what I am going to make, a perfect Summer with my (not so) little people.

My beautiful tent is the SoulPad 5000-ease. I wasn't sent it for free, or asked to write about it. I'm simply doing so because I LOVE IT!
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