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Thursday 28 August 2014

Summer : The Gallery

Today the summer officially ended when the kids went back to school. I have to say that I'm gutted. I've had a lovely summer. We've had some amazing adventures that have been interspersed with late nights and lazy days camped out in our awesome SoulPad den in the garden.
We've giggled, we've laughed and we've sung along to Sia, Iggy Azalea and Beyoncé till we've been banned from paying music with our men folk in the car.
We've cooked, we've camped, we've paddled in the sea, we've seen Johnny (fucking) Marr and we've spent late nights and damp tent moments with real friends. Real, honest friends.

The summer has been so epic that I couldn't cut it down to a single pic. There's simply been too many memories that needed acknowledging.

Summer 2014
Top: Norfolk  Centre: The SoulPad  Bottom: Betty at Camp Bestival, Biba goes geek

Camp Bestival 2014
Top: Johnny Marr at Camp Bestival  Centre: Camp Bestival, Betty and Me  Bottom: Camp Bestival, Biba
Summer The Gallery
Top: Biba and Betty at Whitby Abbey  Centre: New hair, shy cats and a thinker on the beach  Bottom: The Deep and leaving Camp Bestival

I don't think I've ever been so sad that the summer is over. This year I am truly grateful that I am able to work from home whilst enjoying time with my family. 

Camp Bestival, was without a doubt a major highlight for the girls and for me. Biba had an amazing opportunity as an official teen blogger and totally rose to the occasion, snapping some truly awesome pics of Johnny Marr for me (I may have told her that I wasn't taking her home if she didn't). 

At the weekend our summer den is closing for the season as we'll be packing our beloved bell tent up for the winter..... Or maybe we can squeeze just one more weekend of fun in, what do you think?

For The Gallery - Summer

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