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Wednesday 8 October 2014


At lunchtime today I watched on a live Google+ hangout as a grandfather in rural Malawi received a life changing cataract operation that will allow him to see properly for the first time in 12 years. Blindness in a western country is devastating but in a developing country like Malawi, it brings a whole different set of challenges.

Sightsavers are campaigning to make a million of these miracles happen over the next three years. This life changing surgery costs just £30. That's someone's life completely changed for just £30.

You can find out more about the Sightsavers' Million Miracles campaign and donate, using the widget in my sidebar. If you live in the UK, the UK government will match every £1 you donate to the campaign before December 31st this year.

Brown eye Betty

Brown Eye Biba

It is said, that eyes are the window to the soul. These two get me every time I look into them, their depth and beauty takes my breath away. I wish I had eyes like theirs!

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