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Tuesday 4 August 2015

Camp Bestival review 2015

After four days of awesome it’s not easy to pick out your two favourite moments from a festival that has so much packed into it but that's exactly what I asked of my Camp Bestival, camp mates, from this weekend. We are a diverse bunch, aged from 3 to 43. Proving that Camp Bestival really does have something for everyone. 

Boo 5
I really liked watching Ella (Henderson) sing and making pom poms with my friend Betty.

Pom pom making at Camp Bestival
photo credit : Fi @Chilcare Is Fun

Betty 11
I loved Professor Green and a close second has to be the pasta from Red Tomato, Green Pepper. Camp Bestival just wouldn't be the same without it!

Camp Bestival friends
photo credit : Fi @Childcare Is Fun

Biba 13
Clean Bandit were awesome. We were right at the front and completely caught up in the audience vibe. After six hours of standing in the same spot we made our first new festival friends too. My second favourite thing was the pizza. You know I had been dreaming about that pizza since last year's CB! I need to have three things though because Professor Green was also pretty amazing.

Clean Bandit at Camp Bestival
photo credit : Clean Bandit Bibasphotos

Bryce 10
Clean Bandit were awesome. The food was pretty good too!

Festival fun at Camp Bestival
photo credit : Fiona Bryce

Clara 26
I absolutely loved the Train Of Thoughts. It was a brilliant idea and the guy leading our carriage was mesmerising. He had both me and my three year old son hanging on his every word as we were taken on a journey of discovery and wonder. My second fave moment was dancing with my little fella to Professor Green on Friday night. Smiles and laughter all the way.

Train Of Thoughts Camp Bestival
photo credit : Kirsty @My Two Mums

Fi 40
I was really looking forward to Soul II Soul and they didn't disappoint. They were all kinds of awesome and more. I also loved Underworld and watching the littlest ravers that I've ever seen, dancing around with glow sticks - it truly was music for all ages!

Soul II Soul Camp Bestival
photo credit : Soul II Soul +Camp Bestival 

Hannah 14
This was my first Camp Bestival and to be honest, it is really hard to choose just two things as the whole weekend has been brilliant.
Music wise, Clean Bandit were awesome. We were right at the front with a perfect view that really couldn't have been better.
The food has also been fab. You seriously can't make me choose one thing. Okay, maybe the nachos. Or the Thai curry we had on the first night... and the hot chocolate.

Camp Bestival girls
photo credit : Hannah Doherty

Kirsty 33
I loved Friday's Silent Disco! There's nothing better than old school tunes and throwing down some shapes with your buddies at 2am.
My second favourite thing was Saturday night’s Silent Disco, (yes I know I already chose the Silent Disco but...). I was supposed to be meeting up with some friends after we had all been for a nap but no one else woke up. After waiting around for them I decided to go on my own and I am so pleased that I did.

Silent Disco Camp Bestival

LM 3
The fireworks and the Train of Thoughts tractor ride!

Camp Bestival fun
photo credit : Hannah Doherty

O 4
I loved dancing with my friend (LM) but most of all I loved drumming along to all the singers on the main stage. When I'm big I am going to be in a band with my sister (B 5) and then we will be on the stage at Camp Bestival one day and you can all watch us.

Biba and O at Camp Bestival
photo credit : Hannah Doherty

Richard 39
The feeling of completeness when Ella Henderson sang Ghost. Although I don’t really like her as an artist there was a fantastic moment when I was caught up with the emotion of the rest of the crowd. That’s what gigs are about.
A close second was Bob Geldof singing I Don’t Like Monday’s. A great song, performed by a great performer. I collect those moments.

Ella Henderson at Camp Bestival
photo credit : Ella Henderson  +Camp Bestival 

Ruben 8
I loved the fireworks, they were really cool and the best music was The Cuban Brothers.

Camp Bestival Fireworks 2015
photo credit :  +Camp Bestival 

And me.....
Well for me Camp Bestival is all about the time spent with my friends. The singing, the laughter, our fabulous children and the joy that they bring out in each other, our competitive pom pom making, our non sensical conversations and the food, drink and memories that we are making. Of course none of that would be quite as awesome if it wasn't playing out to the Camp Bestival tune.

When they say that it's 'The greatest show on Earth', they aren't exaggerating. If anything they are under playing because Camp Bestival is simply out of this world.

Camp Bestival 2015

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I am an official Camp Bestival blogger which means that I attended the festival but did not pay for my family ticket. All opinions are my own.

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