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Saturday 29 June 2013

Where I Work : Cybher

Where I Work

Working from home has it's ups and downs. Top of the up's has to be the flexible hours and top of the downs has to be the inability to leave work behind.
I'm not actually sure when I turned into a total and utter workaholic but I do know that it's related to the point that I moved my office into the house.

My Space

I love my office. It's jammed full of all the things I love to collect. Blythe dolls, kitsch, vintage deer, Ladybird books, Sonny Angel dolls and lots and lots of vintage Big Eye art. My walls are packed.

Sian To office

My cats and dog congregate here too...

My favourite part of my space has to be my desk area. Yan made the desk, to fit the space and I painted it grey following the paint workshop I went to at Home Barn.

Geekisnewchic my desk

Below pic, My Blythe screen print was made by a friend. I love it. CYBHER letters bought at Copenhagen airport, Woodland Dolls from Lapin & Me, everything else is a vintage buy.

Where do you work?
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